Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CrossFit is for Everyone!!!

Need some motivation?! Here is a pic of my sister at 7 months pregnant (now 8) doing a training session with me. She did pilates for the first 4 months and then went down to just walking and doing Pre-Natal yoga. Which is great but she was dying to break a real sweat, feel her muscles again, push herself but didn't think she could. I used the CrossFit method, functional movements, to design a modified workout to fit her needs and she felt better than ever. We did tri-cep dips, thrusters, wall push-ups, wall squats, sumo deadlift high pull...everything was just at a lighter weight and lower intensity to keep her heart rate safe. She wasn't the happiest person during the workout but afterwards she said she felt better than she had in months!! If you want to be in better shape whether it be for appearance reasons or health reasons no matter what age, what shape, what fitness level you are currently at...JUST START! We can make it work for YOU. Let me know how I can help...Personal Training? Boot Camps? Advice? Supplements? Diet? Motivation? You tell me.

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Nikki Hall said...

Jess! She looks so cute. I didn't work out my entire first pregnancy. Someday, far from now, I hope to look as cute as your sister while I bust the CrossFit moves with a baby bump!