Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SUCCESS STORY - Whitney Frakes

Pictured Above: Whitney Frakes - May 2008

Pictured Above: Whitney Frakes - January 2009

Whitney Frakes joined the CrossFit Central Rogue Boot Camp about 7 months ago and stuck with it. Since then she has transformed herself!! I am so proud of her hard work, determination and great attitude. She always shows up to class, pushes herself, never quits and it has paid off. She has seen tremendous results and I would like to share her story. Read below to find out how she did it!!

Whitney's Story:

CrossFit and me... where do I start? I honestly had NO CLUE what I was getting into when I started Jess' boot camp last June. All I thought was Jess knows me, knows my injuries, she'll probably help me get back into the shape I was before the sprained ankle and car accident without inflicting new injuries on me! Done and done.

The class was fun, the people were great, the workouts hard... I fell the first week... clearly the whole coordination and agility fitness domains were beyond me! I felt incompetent at times (ok, most of the time), couldn't do push ups, pull ups, the WARM UP killed me! But that didn't stop me. In fact, it pushed me to train more.

I didn't have any specific goals in mind when I started, didn't really think I'd go for longer than 1 month. Thought I'd get all I needed out of it, then go back to my regular exercise routine. I laughed when Jess and Lance would mention free 8 AM workouts on Saturdays thinking I'd NEVER get up that early, on a Saturday no less, to work out. I blew off what they said about the Zone, and I can't tell you how many times I argued that it was SO NOT 80% diet 20% workout, my argument was that I worked out so that I could eat anything I wanted.

After watching a woman in her 50's kick my butt in the Spartan 300 Challenge last summer I thought I should stick around. By the end of the 2nd month I was hooked and by the time September rolled around I had drank the Kool-Aid...

I've been doing CrossFit for 8 months now and it really has been life changing! Some changes I've seen?

* Push ups are now done on my toes - something I never thought I'd do
* Pull ups! I can do them! Unassisted! Not more than 2 in a row but getting there
* Lost 20 lbs and 9% body fat - went from wearing 8/10's to wearing 2/ 4's
* I go to the free early AM classes now
* Inspired my Mom, sister, and friend to do boot camps and CrossFit
* Rarely get sick and only been to the chiropractor 2x's in 8 months- unheard of for me
* No longer have to wonder what "muscle group" I'm "isolating" on those machines at the big "box gyms"!!
* Best physical and mental shape of my life. Ever. The best part? It's just going to get better. I will lift heavier and go faster!
* Zone. Yup, I gave up my argument 5 months ago
* Always had the mentality that if I put my mind to something I will succeed. CrossFit has broadened what I put my mind to and what I have and will succeed at
* The BEST community of people to be a part of!

I'm excited about 2009! Lots of goals to meet but it all boils down to being better than I was yesterday. Constant improvement. Everyday push what I think are my boundaries mentally and physically. Do something that scares me every day. In April I'm running my first 1/2 marathon, I won't lie, it scares me! Next on my list? Tattoos, sky diving, and surfing! Makin' it happen in '09!


carey said...

great job Whitney and you too Jess! ya'll are an inspiration!

Bonita said...

Great coaching Jess! I love having Whitney as a classmate. Keep up the good work both of you!

Nikki Hall said...

I'm impressed! The before and after pictures are amazing. Great job Coach, and Whitney it looks like you took a big gulp of the koolaid! Awesome!