Thursday, January 28, 2010

My 2nd Home

The new and improved CrossFit Central RunTex facility is coming along beautifully. We are setting the floors this week, getting some inspirational photos up and new equipment in the near future. I consider this place my second home! I see the sunrise and the sunset here and I feel a strong connection to this spot. I put a lot of my heart into making it the best I can for my clients and I think my clients also put a lot of heart into it by giving it their all during workouts...blood, sweat and sometimes even some tears. Classes are growing rapidly! 3 of my 5 classes are near capacity and the new On-Ramp program has already doubled in size. Clients are getting results and seeing progress. Two of my girls just got unassisted pull-ups, one of them unassisted ring dips and I even have a client that got handstand push-ups! Congrats on the hard work!!

I am excited about my future here and rest assured I will give anybody who walks through those doors 110% of my energy, focus and dedication. Only 1 month into 2010 and amazing things are happening. Don't be that 90% of people who set New Years goals and then fall off the wagon. Stay motivated and committed by showing up to class, logging your workouts and your food and asking for help! February sessions start next week!!!!

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Lion Heart said...

keep it up it! the Juice is loose!