Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paleo-ish Challenge Announced

Starting Monday I will be joining my clients in a 4 week Paleo-ish Challenge that I have laid out. This is not the super, crazy-strict 30 Day Paleo Challenge that I have participated in and completed. From my experience I think a few changes will set them up for success without bogging them down mentally and emotionally. This will be achievable and will still give the results in how you look, feel and perform! Below are the guidelines. Let's see who the winner is August 30th!!

The Way it Works:
1. $10 Buy in to throw in the prize pot for the winner(s)! The person(s) with the LEAST amount of total cheats at the end of the challenge wins the $$.
2. Starts Monday, August 2nd & Ends Sunday, August 29th (August session, 4 weeks/28 Days!)
3. Must be a current client in the month of August to participate.
4. Keep a daily food log - we are on the honesty policy. If you aren't writing down everything you eat you are cheating yourself as well as your teammates and might as well not do the challenge. Be honest, write everything down, this is to help you =)
5.10 mins. before or after class (depending on what class you are in) you will all sit down and swap food logs with each other. You will highlight and total the amount of cheats in the log for the days in review. This will not only hold you more accountable than just showing me but you will also get ideas from each other. At the end of the 4 weeks total the number of cheats and the person with the lowest cheats wins the prize pot but also will probably look, feel and perform the best! ;-)

1. NO Bread/Grains
2. NO Dairy
3. NO Legumes
4. NO Sugar
5. Only ONE alcoholic beverage per day!! Beer is not permitted. Only 4oz. Red Wine or 1oz. Liquor.
6. I am allowing Protein Shakes because these can be great for post-workout recovery and/or a quick, nutrient packed meal on the go.
7. I am allowing cream in your coffee. It's a trivial amount and this is sometimes the only thing that holds people back from doing a challenge. Small amount of cream, not a latte that is 3/4 milk.
8. I am allowing Spark...because it makes people happy ;-)
9. You get ONE free Cheat per week. That doesn't mean one day, one cheat! Example: Pasta one night or Ice Cream for dessert or 2 glasses of wine instead of one, etc.
10. Daily WRITTEN Food Log! No online this time because the way we are checking them and keeping each other accountable.

* What does this mean? Eat a variety of leans meats, seafood and vegetables, some fruit, nuts, seeds and healthy oils! There are a million different combinations, spices and recipes to keep this fun, interesting and tasty! I have a few nutrition sites linked on my blog where you can find ideas.

1. Eat LOTS of Veggies, particularly Greens
2. Try to get all 3 Macro nutrients in every meal ie: protein, fat and carbs (veggies and fruit are carbs!)
3. Drink LOTS of water
4. Schedule your one weekly cheat. This way it gives you something to look forward to and helps you stay in control rather than just giving into something spontaneously and calling it your cheat.
5. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Make sure you go to the grocery store and have plenty of what you need on hand, this will make it easier to stay the course. I also recommend preparing some meals ahead of time. Sundays or Mondays are good days to set your week. Boil some eggs, make homemade tuna salad, cut up veggies, make a batch of soup to have for easy go to meals/snacks.

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