Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lookout for Another Success Story!!

Pictured above is Jessie from my Women's Only 6:45pm class. She has only been with me about 3 months but has been laser focused since she started. She knew she had some big goals ahead of her and was ready to take on the challenge. She informed me yesterday that she has already lost 4 jeans sizes!!!!! Seriously, the best news a coach can hear. I am SO proud of her hard work and dedication. She never misses class, is always on time, gives the workout her best effort and most importantly she has a great, positive attitude that is going to be the key to her success. If she has to scale a move she addresses it head on that she needs to work on it and just makes it another goal with a smile on her face and does what she can. Love this girl!!! She is taking the Paleo-ish challenge this month and I am excited for her continued success. Look out for her to become a CrossFit Central Success story. Keep up the great work Jessie!

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