Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Women and the CrossFit Total

This month's benchmarks are "Cindy" for the co-ed classes and "CrossFit Total" for the women's classes. I love when the women's classes do total!!! Why? Because when most women start crossfitting and they see a max or heavy lift on the board they don't like it. They ask me things like, "are we not doing any cardio today?" Or, "I don't want to get big so can I just do lighter weights more reps?" Or they tell me there is no way I can squat that much, press that much or lift that much. 3 months later the magic of crossfit happens and they are loading up the bars and hitting HUGE PR's and laughing, high fiving and encouraging each other and at the end of the class they feel empowered!

Kathi, who is one of my clients in my 9:15am class, weighs 104 lbs. last time we did her body comp. She is TINY! And she deadlifted 165 lbs. today which is a huge PR for her. She told me that she use to be scared and now it is fun to see how far she has progressed. That is only one story...I have about 20 women just from today that I could tell you how strong they've gotten, how confident and empowered they are now, how much fun they are having getting FIT. Congratulations to ALL of you and especially Robin Ostrander and Katie Drilling for not only getting into the 200 lb club but surpassing it by both lifting 220#s! Nice work ladies!!

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