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HUGE Congratulations to ALL of the 2010 CrossFit Central Success Stories and a special shout out to 2 of my amazing clients, Meredith Bagan and Kourtney Keaton! Your hard work, dedication and will to succeed is inspiring and I am so proud of both of you and happy to have played a small role in your amazing accomplishments. You 2 ladies are proof that you are never too busy to take time for your own health and well being. Love you both and so happy to have you as clients and friends. Read below for both Meredith's and Kourtney's stories. Check out all of the stories by going to the RunTex, Relentless and CrossFit Central websites!


Before joining CrossFit Central RunTex I was frustrated with my weight and lack of being able to get it off after having twins. I have always been an active person both playing tennis and working out, but 2009 was particularly difficult for me in getting the extra baby weight off. My life before CrossFit Central RunTex was probably like most others trying to drop some pounds post baby - playing some tennis weekly, doing gym classes, jogging on the treadmill and thinking I was eating better.

I had a friend that had moved from California that was completely addicted to CrossFit. He joined CrossFit Central as soon as he moved to Austin and would not quit hounding me to try it. He convinced me to go to the Central's free workouts during the New Year's week - I almost died and couldn't walk for a week after attending two of the workouts, but at that point I realized that CrossFit might really be the answer for me. I signed up in January with Coach Jessica to start Elements, began On-Ramp in February and joined my first real CrossFit class on March 1, 2010.

Needless to say, I am addicted! I have lost over 20lbs, 10% body fat, and lots of inches! I can finally wear my old clothes again. It is exhilerating and I don't think I have ever been in better shape! The results that I have seen since joining CrossFit Central RunTex are more than just the physical. I not only feel so much better, but I know that I am in the best shape of my life and feel better than ever; my tennis is stronger and my mind is calmer!
There are so many challenges in CrossFit that I would never think I could do AND I can! This overflows into day to day life experiences, because your mental beliefs adjust to believe that you CAN do things no matter how much you might have thought you couldn't in the past. The coaches and classmates are so boosting--each class is a new endeavor (no matter how many times you have crossed the workout previoulsy).

I think pressing through and challenging myself in CrossFit makes me physically, mentally and emotionally stronger. This is a different confidence, one that carries through each sector of my life! It feels great! I am motivated, pushed and challenged each day with Jessica Sharatt as an incredible supporter and coach as well as an incredible group of women that I workout with weekly. It is a fun group of women that I miss seeing and working out with if I miss a class. I couldn't be happier to have "caved" into being what I never thought I would be, ADDICTED to CROSSFIT!


I had my first child two years prior to joining CrossFit Central RunTex, so my life was – and still is – a constant negotiation about how to be a good mother and wife while sustaining a successful career. I spend about 40% of my work week traveling, so my life is quite a juggling act! Before Central RunTex, it was a very tiring juggling act given that I was 20+ pounds overweight, not sleeping well, eating on the run, and focused on everyone and everything but myself. I had become the very thing I’d sworn that I’d never be – the overworked mom cliché.

I’d been training for a triathlon in 2007 when I learned I was pregnant with my son. I’d always been a fit person who loved to exercise but soon the combination of being pregnant, flying around the country every week on business, and making a move from the east coast to Austin took precedence over working out. The next thing I knew it was February 2010 and I was shockingly out of shape. I was tired, cranky, overweight, and had tummy troubles from all the bad-for-me food I was eating. I knew that I had to make the time to focus on my health, despite being a very busy working mom to a two-year old. My sister knew how much I wanted to be fit again and, unbeknown to me, emailed Coach Jess Sharratt after reading one of her blog posts. We joined CrossFit Central RunTex together and within two weeks it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m grateful to her for encouraging me to join because it’s changed my life.

In terms of physical results, I’ve lost 25 lbs and over 7% body fat and can once again fit into all the clothes in my closet. I have a lot more energy, and far fewer aches and pains. My experience with the CrossFit lifestyle and the incredible coaching staff and community at CFC (including the FANTASTIC, INSPIRING Jess Sharratt), has reminded me that I can achieve anything I set out to do. And sometimes even achieve things I don’t set out to do (hello, 2nd place at FGB V!). When life seems chaotic, and my time and focus are spread across many responsibilities, it’s difficult to remember that I have complete control of myself and my life. It can quickly begin to feel like my family/job/friends are more important than my own health and happiness. CrossFit Central RunTex is a constant reminder that the choice to be happy and healthy is mine to make every second of every day. Sounds corny, but the power in that knowledge is greater than anything else I’ll learn.

I’ve also seen significant performance improvement. When I started at CFC in February of this year I was dead last in the 400m warm up run. Dead last! Humbling, to say the least. At the recent Fight Gone Bad V event held in September, I surprised myself by scoring 2nd place in the beginner division. The beginner division normally wouldn’t be something I’d get too excited about, but it’s a vast improvement over where I was six months prior. I can’t wait to see where I am six months from now.

At work, I’m responsible for a multi-million dollar revenue stream and for keeping hundreds of clients happy. It’s an intense job that requires a lot of energy, patience and ingenuity. Pushing myself to physical and mental limits at every week in CrossFit has made a world of difference in my approach to work. It has allowed me to push beyond perceived goals and obstacles, and has cured me of the nasty habit of arguing for my limitations.

Being happy and healthy has been fantastic for my family life. Happy mama, happy household! Having a healthy family is very important to me and I want to model a healthy lifestyle for my son.

CrossFit has also been a fantastic opportunity to get to know the cross-section of women at RunTex. One of the best things about CFC is that there’s no standard “CrossFitter Profile” – we’re a group of women from all backgrounds, in all shapes and sizes, who come together to kick some serious ass and push ourselves to be better in all ways.

I do CrossFit for me. I do it because it makes me happy. The reason I CrossFit is because I love every second of doing it. I love the sweat, the pain, the relief, the focus, the community, and the total satisfaction of pushing myself beyond perceived boundaries. Life is just an accumulation of moments. The moments I spend doing CrossFit, I feel completely alive. That’s why I CrossFit.

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