Wednesday, December 8, 2010

49 Year Old with a Body of a College Athlete!!

Brooke Bailey has been in my Women's Only 9:15am class for over a year. She has seen huge success and always finishes the workout at the top of the pack. Recently, she decided to take it up a notch by participating in the Strength and Beauty personal training program and I was shocked at her results in only 3 weeks! We shortened the 4 week program to 3 because she would be out for Thanksgiving. In only 3 weeks Brooke, lost 6lbs, 5% Body Fat, 9.75 total inches in only 3 weeks AND she can do dead hang pull-ups and unassisted handstand push-ups!

The most exciting part though is that she went to UT Fit Lab to have a Dexa body scan and the research analysis said that Brooke, as a 49 year old female, has the body of a college athlete!!! Pretty impressive! When Brooke turns 50 I hope that she will compete in the CrossFit Master's division because she is AMAZING!!

Brooke inspires me with her dedication and commitment, congratulations on your success!!

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