Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Form 3...A Women's World Tour

In 2011, The Form3 event, a Women’s World Tour will travel to 5 cities across America to influence, motivate, and inspire women to create and forge new paths to fulfillment and purpose in their lives. I am joined with Crystal Nelson and Carey Kepler to create this event for all women to come and have the dynamic space to explore, create, and visualize their life.

I am excited to have Crystal Nelson speaking on how the food that we eat has a direct correlation to our potential as women. Women are the go-getters, the planners, the caretakers, the person in charge, the mother, the daughter, the sister, the friend… the ones that want to take on the world and truly believe they can do it.

Women are expected to do this with ease while displaying beauty that is described on what we see in television and magazines. Sometimes this high expectation can become detrimental to our self image and self esteem. Food is at the root of this issue and Crystal will explain why and how you can change your perspective on what to eat for the rest of your life. Stop reading into fad diets and look at what is natural, real, and pure in food.

Join us for the Women’s World Tour to take a look into how food can propel us forward into a life unimaginable, where you sleep better, look better, feel better, perform better, improve relationships with loved ones, look younger, and prohibit diseases that are surrounding us daily as women.

A few topics that Crystal will cover are:

•I’ve Been Dieting Since I was 15.. What the Heck Do I Eat and Why?
•Your Relationship With Food
•Inflammation and Insulin Resistance
•Why Am I Always Tired?
•Sugar is Crack and What That Means for Your Hormones
•A Plan to Change What You Eat Starting Today
We look forward to seeing each of you there! Sign up today.. Austin is holding 50 spots for you and your friends!

For more information visit the website here or email me.

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