Friday, May 6, 2011


This past weekend the Form3 crew traveled out to California to spread our message of transformation through empowerment, vision and strength. This was an inspirational community building event providing dynamic motive for women to explore, create and forge new paths to fulfillment and purpose in their lives. And it did just that for not only the participants, but myself included. Every time I listen to Carey do her goal setting talk I take away something new, something different because I am always at a new, different place in my life. I walked away from the event with new nuggets on what it is that I need in my life to create exactly the life I want. I realized I need to make some changes within myself as well as what I'm doing day to day. Now it's about taking ACTION and working towards those goals.

Pictured above is my NEW vision board. A smaller board which seems to work better for me so I can really see it and focus on what it all means. I have it by my bathroom mirror so that every day it can remind me of my life vision...simple, luxurious and perfect!

Thanks to Carey and Crystal for demanding more from me and getting and keeping me out of my comfort zone and believing in me. Thanks to Susan, Crystal Mac and Gilly for all your support with this event. Together we will and are changing lives!!

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