Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Because You CAN

Days like today in class when we have a Hero WOD, "DT," make me take a step back and think about why we push our bodies past the point of comfort. There are many reasons but a few that hit home with me today are 1. If a person can loose their life for me, the least I can do is endure 10mins. of discomfort to pay respect to that person!! and 2. Because we CAN! If you are blessed with your health, with an able body, powerful and capable of anything, you better be grateful and using your body to the fullest. Ironically I received this message from one of my awesome personal training/Strength and Beauty clients...she must have been reading my mind =)

"Hey Jess! I have to share something with you. I was spending some time with a cousin of mine this weekend and she is going through some pretty tough times. I started talking to her about crossfit and how you and your program pretty much changed my life and how I thought she would really benefit from it. She said she tried crossfit once but was so sore she could barely walk for three days. I told her that a day doesn't go by where a part of my body isn't sore. And then she said to me, "Why in the world would you want to push your body past your limits of what you know you can do?" And I said, "Because I can." I think that pretty much says it all. Thanks again for all you do!" -W

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